Sunday, June 3, 2012

The great outdoors: my place of worship

Religion fascinates me, but I personally think that there are way too many theories out there about the spiritual world for just one to be right. If you have a faith that gives you strength at your weakest moments and guides you to bring goodness into this world, that is absolutely fantastic. But as for me, I figure I'll just try to live the fullest life I can, and when I die I'll find out what's up there. Or maybe I'll just be dead. I don't know, but it doesn't bother me too much. 

Anyway, my family requires I come to church with them every Sunday, but being in the sort of rocky, emotional state I was today, I packed a bag with my camera and some notebooks and pens and headed out when the mass started. Behind the parking lot, there's a huge grassy hill with some wooden benches at the top and a few swings at the bottom. Just being in nature, with a beautiful blue sky and a warm breeze,  brought me so much peace.

Backpack. I love this thing to pieces.

I (sort of) made friends with a little groundhog! He was pretty shy, but I got some pictures from about seven feet away.

I found this absolutely gorgeous feather!

Every single twirling picture I took, my eyes were closed, so I just cropped my face out. Sorry, you don't get to see my super curly hair!

A view from the swings. Such a gorgeous day.

A little sketch of my find. :)

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  1. Beautiful photos, and I love your sketch. Religion can truly mean different things to everyone. To each her own, right? :)