Why hello there!
My name is Nadine. I used to have a big corny shpeel here about living an inspired lifestyle, but I think simpler is better.

So, what's the point of this blog? To be honest, there really isn't one. I have no unifying theme; as much as blogs about certain topics are lovely and concise, I prefer not to narrow down my many interests. So, you'll probably see a lot of recipes, photography, the occasional outfit post, chronicles of my daily adventures, nerdy book reviews, ramblings about fashion and makeup, a bit of my own philosophy on life, and overall just a bunch of uncorrelated artsy stuff. And corny jokes.
Sounds like fun? Excellent! Welcome to the world of an inspired, nerdy teenage artist.
Oh, and I also sell stuff. You can check that out here.

Want to contact me?
I love people. Really. Don't be shy.
Email: nadinesantorowrites@yahoo.com. You can also find me on Flickr.

A wild Nadine appears!