Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventure time, #1

This is my best friend Bayley and I on a hike about two weeks ago. You'll be seeing a lot of her on the blog in the upcoming months, because this summer, Bayley and I plan to..
go on ALL of the adventures!

On our most recent escapade, we hiked up a nearby mountain and had a picnic at the top. Complete with some tree climbing and later shopping in an adorable village (not really, but I just love the word village) nearby, it was a lovely day.

I feel like I have a million amazing things on my to-do list this summer and hardly enough time to do them! I'm working out a blog schedule right now, though, so you can be sure that posts will be at least somewhat regular. (:


  1. Ohh, these photos are so pretty! I love getting glimpses into your little adventures! Please, take me on an adventure too, haha...we have to do something together soon! Looking forward to a summer of fun blog posts from you. :)

    <3 Sam

    1. :D I'm glad! Certainly, we must plan something! Perhaps a trip to a farmer's market or flea market and then a sleepover. c: