Thursday, June 14, 2012

Outfit; 50's flare

Naturally, my hair looked much better before I went outside in the wind to take the pictures. Still, I'm absolutely loving this style while my hair grows out! It makes it look a little bit longer than it is... maybe? Anyway, I love 1950's style makeup; perhaps I'll do a short tutorial in the future.

shirt/forever 21. lace headband/vintage. shorts/delia's. heels/forever 21. 
yule ball earrings/warner brother's site. lipstick/l'oreal #315 true red.


  1. I was all, "Hmmm, Nadine looks so lovely, I wonder what lipstick she's wearing" and then I was like HUZZAH! MY FAVORITE RED LIPSTICK! YUS! I love this. :)

    <3 Sam

    1. Huzzah! That's so funny, I wasn't going to put the name of the lip colour in, and then I was like oh what the heck, and then it happens to be your favorite! :D