Friday, April 6, 2012

Wall Space

So sorry about my silence this week. I intended to be sharing several DIYs with you all this week, but I haven't gotten the chance to get to AC Moore and pick up a few things I needed. So, to fill time, I thought I'd share a few of the ways I fill wall space in my bedroom!

I have a pretty big room, which means lots of empty wall space to fill. In my eyes, empty walls are sad walls, so I'm in the process of fixing them up!

This is my little desk nook. The bookshelf is nestled in the corner, and on the adjacent wall a window lets in lots of extra light. My desk divides up my room so the floors don't look so empty, and is not fully pictured here because it's currently covered in a plethora of craft supplies, journals and lists.
Anyway, the birds adorning my walls are vinyl stick on wall art decorations found at this website. I have another wall-art to be put up above my couch, a white dandelion blowing in the breeze! In the upper left hand corner you'll see some watercolour artwork of mine, and directly in the middle is my calendar and bulletin board, where I've actually been keeping surprisingly organized and planning out my life. 

For anyone who was wondering, this is the quote I painted on my wall! Designed and hand-painted by myself. It was such a fun, fulfilling project to accomplish. I chose this quote because I knew it would inspire me every day with the reminder that nothing is impossible and I have to keep working at my dreams.

A very simple way to hang artwork: clothespins and glue dots! Glue dots can be found at your local craft store: simply stick one onto the back of the clothespin and put it up on the wall! I was getting sick of waiting around to frame and hang my work, so I just grabbed the available supplies and put it all up. I actually quite like this technique, though.

My nightstand is also a bit of a trainwreck right now (I'm in the process of redecorating and organizing my room), but the space above it is worth sharing! Another bit of watercolour artwork hung with a clothespin, and my headphones resting on a thumbtack stuck in my wall. I'm a bit impatient, and I have a very specific vision for my room, so when it takes too long to get something done, I use the next best thing and do it myself.
P.S. Who likes my little keychain Totoro? He's hanging around my lamp, keeping me safe at night. Pete gave him to me for our one-year anniversary. Isn't he sweet?

This is an old shelf right beside my door. When I was young, I kept all my stuffed animals in it, but now I have cameras and my tripod on the bottom shelf, hairbands and other such supplies on the top shelf, and jewelry and perfume on the top of the whole thing. The box on the left was given to me by a close family friend who serves in the military, and got it for me in Afghanistan. And of course, my picture frame/branch necklace hanger is hung up on the wall! That was also a fun project to make.

I hope you enjoyed that little wall tour and perhaps got some ideas for your own spaces! :)

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  1. Your room is so pretty and creative! I especially love the hand-painted Walt Disney quote. You're so brilliant!

    <3 Sam