Monday, April 2, 2012

5 Ways To Take Great Product Photos

Hello, all! Today I bring you five handy tips to taking great product photos. These apply to almost any photos you're taking, actually!

1. Create a simple background! I used a lace dress of mine draped over my computer as a backdrop. Make sure it's not distracting and covers the whole background of your frame!

2. Back up and use your camera's zoom. This will ensure a clearer focus and less obstruction of natural light on your subject!

 3. Shoot near a window or door! Even if the sun isn't shining, natural light still beats artificial light or flash any day.

4. Add a pop of contrast to make sure you can see the subject clearly! This white bunny spirit camouflaged right in with my dress, blurring all his edges and making the viewer strain their eyes to see what the picture was actually of. So, I took a red plastic egg and placed it behind him, creating a sharp contrast and a better visual.

5. One of the most misleading things about product photos is, I find, the lack of scale. Especially with a close-up shot, it's difficult to tell how big something actually is. So, make sure to include one picture comparing the size to your hand, your body, or a commonplace object such as a tennis ball. Your potential buyer will then know exactly what they're getting!

I hope you found these photography tips helpful! They're great rules of thumb for anything, not just product photography. Happy shooting!

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  1. These are really great tips, Nadine! Very useful to anyone. Lovely.

    <3 Sam