Monday, April 2, 2012

Repurpose is once again From The Mind Of A Dreamer!

Ah, it's good to have my old title back. I've been feeling that repurpose didn't quite fit the feel of this blog, and I decided to fall back on my first ever blog title, From The Mind Of A Dreamer. It fits me so much better.

Unfortunately, my original URL, without the dash, was stolen after I switched to repurpose. What's worse, the person using it ISN'T EVEN BLOGGING. There are no posts. Ack. Anyway, the new URL is:

Get it down!

If you were following me on Bloglovin, keep following here.

Thank you all so much for following, I really appreciate it. Hopefully as this becomes an even bigger part of my life I'll be able to turn it into part of my career some day!

Hopefully soon I'll have this little images available for you all to link to my blog on your sidebars if you'd like! Stay tuned. :)

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